Name an animal's natural habitat of concrete with fluorescent lights above and refuse traps below. How many animals call indoors their natural home? An animal is at home outside. Pigs root and wallow in mud. Cattle chew grass and drink rainwater from ponds. Chickens chase crickets and bed-down in shoots of rye next to patches of clover. All do this outside. This is where they belong. For the consumer, chosen cuts are analogous to a fine wine, with the character of the liquid, the flavor of the meat created by the land on which they were created; soil and its maintenance as the determinant. At LFR cattle grow from nutrients taken on pasture, not from a grain mixture held in a metal bin. Pigs root and turn soil, and chickens peck at shoots of legumes and grass, green from the natural fertilizer they left behind. And you as the consumer are presented a selection of cuts unique in taste and texture, created by grey and blue skies, green grass and hues of fading color upon a surface of brown dirt as home to animals raised Outside.