Pigs grow to be large animals. Large animals contained in pens of concrete is a paradox. Large animals roaming open sections of land is natural. In this, the importance of pigs raised Outside becomes salient. In raising pigs on pasture animal droppings become an asset rather than a by-product. Among small groups raised inside individual paddocks, manure becomes fertilizer for the soil that has been turned by the animals walking upon it and rooting within it daily. Here is the method the reader should picture: Two-acre plots of land fitted with two strands of 14 gauge electrified wire (no fences...if a brave animal becomes adventurous, so be it) holding groups of 15 pigs per-acre. Animals have a large creep feeder and 150-gallon nipple-waterer; during summer months, they also have a wallow to keep them cool. The animals sleep inside 16-foot shelters built with square-tubing and metal roofing sheets; during winter months, they are also given hay inside the shelters to act as both a bedding and an insulator. Each day the animals wake, graze, eat, drink and sleep together. They are fed daily rather than once-weekly bulk feedings. After eating they do what they like: root, sleep, walk, run, rustle, free as they choose away from confinement. This is the foundation of pastured-pork husbandry methods. Exercise, the expenditure of energy accompanied by a consistent diet of custom feed and a reliance upon  rotational grazing employed to create cuts consumers cannot buy when purchasing commodity pork. The lack of consistency, seasonal change and its nuance, the personality of the animal, and perhaps luck, all contribute to the production of a final cut that can never be replicated. This is why pork produced at LFR will never be found in franchised supermarket chains: uniformity is uncommon, while distinctiveness is normative. Yet....consistency pursued to offer a sense of expectancy is achieved through breed specificity in the reliance upon Berkshire pigs bred upon schedule and harvested at desired weights so that pastures regenerate as hoped in providing the consumer with a premium cut taken from animals never taken prematurely.

'Wooh.' ...................Take a breath.