Gilt: A female pig never having given birth.

Sow: A female pig pregnant or having given birth.

Barrow: A castrated male pig.

Boar: A male pig not castrated.

Berkshire Pig: A heritage breed believed to have been discovered over 375 years ago in England. Black body with occasional white spots, with white snout and hooves.

Commodity Pig: Typically called "Bluebutts," raised to grow quickly in uniformity.

Paddock: A sectioned piece of pasture-land laid with hot wire.

Hot wire: Charged electric wire used to maintain pastured animals within an invisible fence.

Heifer: A young female calf never having given birth.

Cow: A female cow pregnant or having given birth.

Steer: A castrated male calf.

Bull: A male calf not castrated

Wean: To cause a young mammal to replace its mother's milk with other nourishment.

Wallow: A mud or water pit used to cool pigs. Pigs sweat through their hooves only and enjoy coating themselves with mud.

Fryer: A meat chicken under 3-pounds.

Broiler: A meat chicken between 3 and 5-pounds.

Roaster: A meat chicken over 5-pounds.

Capon: A castrated rooster.

Commodity Chicken...Commodity Pork; Breed specific for use in CAFOs.

Laying Hen: A female chicken raised for egg production only.

Dual-Purpose Hen: A female chicken raised for both egg and meat production.

Free Range: Animal husbandry as a misnomer.

Pasture-Raised: Animal husbandry with method.