My name is Taylor Cooper. As the managing member of Livestock First Ranch, LLC, I am responsible for daily operations and managerial decisions.  Pastured animals spend their life outside, susceptible to weather extremes, including powerful storms, 100-degree summer days and sub-freezing winter nights. This is what pastured husbandry practices embody, what they are. At LFR we believe this is what the consumer expects, and though the pursuit of these practices requires more labor than raising animals among confinement facilities laid with concrete, without these methods animals raised at LFR would differ little than those grown for larger commodity producers.

As a corollary to the previous paragraph, please do not mistake the approach taken at LFR as an attack against confinement practices of animal husbandry. LFR's approach was chosen simply because we chose it; this is what we want to do. We are appreciative of health-conscious consumers and will gladly produce a product to be enjoyed in confidence attached with an appropriate label. However, above producing healthy, pastured-meats we want to offer a final product that is better. It tastes better. It is unique in terms of taste and texture without beguiling additives foreign to an organic or natural diet. Perhaps a whole chicken able to bring a family together for a meal, or maybe a pork chop or Ribeye steak featured at a dinner party as a cut able to make that party or dinner more unique, a bit more special.